Results of 3rd Annual JPS Classic

John Raynar  reports from Honolulu that the JPS scorecard on Thursday had our 7th and 8th graders losing to Las Vegas by a final score of 30-12.

Cisco Mauigoa had 2 scores and 2 turnovers as he played quarterback on offense and safety of defense.

Meanwhile the seniors lost to NorCal by a final score of 21-13.

American Samoa’s scores came from Jacob Umu and Tala Sufia.

Our girls volleyball team finishes out their tournament tonight in the gold bracket while football continues tomorrow as both of our teams are matched up and vying for third place in the third annual JPS Classic.


  1. Fai so;o

    Waste of money! When it could’ve gone to somewhere else…… ugh!! Oh well the governor shall invest people’s money to useless cause!! ugh!!

    Sick and tired!

    1. Proud Parent

      Whoever you are should be a shame of yourself, this is for the kids, not you, well invested money
      for the youth, idiots like you should STFU.

    2. T.L. Falaniko

      Mark Twain says it best “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid, than to
      open and remove all doubt”. The most valuable investment a country could make is our children–give them the opportunity to advance to higher levels, sports offer that opportunity to our children. So many of our children have climbed the ladder of success through sports. Thank you Governor Moliga, ASDOE, JPS, and AS parents for coming together to ensure our children are given the opportunity in sports to fund education and soar to higher level.

    1. Smh waste

      Yall lost our money in a very fantastic way!!!….smh….and plus they have pooch with who gets paid more than the director of doe……waste of time and money…..and how many scholarships? …..and how many of these footballers will return back to am Samoa and contribute?… fanene who came back to instead of contributing is sucking on the asg tit as director but also through his family land leases…..smh…….fanene was only a political appointment in the truest sense… Samoa has over glorified this whole football thingame. …..sorry but it’s true.


        Sounds like a couch potatoe, hey try going outside and exercise, prevent over weight and diabetes. SPORTS is a fantastic opportunity for our children, supported 200%.

  2. Get over it...

    …. handle y’all selves in a better light, cuz everybody may know something and feel some way about a whole lotta things and we hear ya, but remember it’s all about the KIDS, don’t make it about you…you win some, you lose some…it’s their exposure, sportmanship, and realization of a dream what COUNTS…what’s wrong wit y’all?

  3. Malie

    I am so sick and tired of this people who are always complaining and pointing fingers at the governor and other people that are trying to do something good and positive for the people of American Samoa…. A fai e na o mea leaga lava oi le mafaufau o le tagata e na o mea leaga lava fo’i e sau mai i lona gutu le mafaufau….

  4. Manoa

    Money well spent. The only waste is those who has nothing to do with football, yet they had vacation by using this venue. You know who you are…


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