Time clocks disabled at Immigration Office & airport

Since November 7th the time clocks for the Immigration Office in the AP Lutali EOB and the airport have been disabled.

Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale said in a memo issued that day that this is an extreme measure to combat the continuous disregard for the ASG overtime policies and the Legal Affairs policies on attendance and overtime.

He ordered that except for the airport staff, immigration officers must clock in and out using the time clock at the AG’s Office.

He spelled out in the memo that working hours are from 7:30 am to 4pm.  And employees cannot clock in before 7:30 am or clock out after 4pm without his prior written approval.

The AG said that airport staff supervisors would be responsible for recording the work times of the airport staff and turn them in on a weekly basis directly to the AG’s Office.

KHJ News had sent the AG questions regarding delays in the issuance of paychecks for Immigration Office employees in the last pay period and what would happen to the workers paychecks next week.

KHJ News reported this morning that for the previous payperiod,  time cards for the Immigration Office had not been processed with the rest of the AG’s Office.

This was because the employees followed the Chief Immigration Officer’s instructions to clock in at the Immigration Office and aiport, and not the AG’s memo that they punch in at the AG’s Office.

The AG sent KHJ News his memo of November 7 as well as an October 7 executive order from Governor Lolo regarding  overtime and compensatory time policies.

The governor’s order states that it is the general policy of ASG not to incur overtime but if overtime was necessary, directors must obtain approval in advance  and they must justify the need for such overtime.

According to Immigration officials who spoke with KHJ News, despite the memo from the AG, Chief immigration Officer Peseta Dennis Fuimaono  authorized them to continue clocking in at the Immigration Office and at the airport.

This led to the AG rejecting their time cards in the last pay period.

They understand that the same thing will happen in the next pay period.

It has been pointed out to KHJ News that the overtime costs for employees like immigration, quarantine and customs, are covered by after hours fees which are paid by airlines, shipping agents, freight forwarders  and importers.


  1. Overtime being paid to the wrong people!

    The last part of the paragraph is true. Follow up with an investigation. You will be surprised where all that money is going. Or…will we?

  2. 684TexasNuuuli

    What in the world is going on? Why is it there always seem to be a power struggle in Samoan politics? I mean who appointed the AG and the CIO? Aren’t they both appointed by the governor? I know the AG has to be confirmed by the Fono, but why is the CIO appointed by the governor when he serves under the AG in the Legal Affairs Department? Not to mention he has a record of contempt of court. The way I see it the CIO is the AG’s subordinate and should comply with his directives. Yet he refuses to do so and instructs his staff to do so also. GET RID OF HIM!

    Secondly, are these immigration agents paid hourly or are they salaried? With all the hoopla of saving money and overtime restrictions why not make everyone in ASG, with the exception of first responders, salaried employees.

    1. DOL

      Even as salaried employees, ASG will be required to pay OT. Unless they can prove that other criteria set by USDOL has been met, OT will still be required to be paid. I think the threshold for salary level for ASG is a little above 39k, then you have to look at duties/responsibilities, as well as whether they are truly salaried employees (are they guaranteed 39k+).

  3. Salo, just fire Dennis.


    Yes, and where are all the faifeau’s on this matter? Month after month, you have stories about this government manager in the AG office. Got caught lying and went to jail, victim’s advocate and victim harrassed by Immigration office and assistant manager in immigration office, and then the sexual trafficking issues that also happened at ASCC. Where are you faifeau’s?

    Where are all the many non profits? Dennis Lutu is a manager put in by Lolo. Faifeau’s let Meki slide even when you had off island people from here writing to terminate his employment. You have Johnny Saelua now under a dark cloud like Dennis.

    Maybe, heaven is the place where God will judge us all. Including me.

    But, where are the spiritual leaders now? Where are you??? Dennis has brought nothing but shame to his fathers name and that office. Just fire him. Salo, why don’t you just fire him?

  4. Everywhere

    Everywhere you look in this Administration, the public servants are crying out for change. These are some of the worst directors the Territory has ever had. And because a lot of the Deputy Directors got their positions from Lolo Moliga too, they too are part of the cancerous culture in the ASG workforce.

    Good on you Salo, for standing up to people who do not want things to change for the better. Don’t be like the multitude of brainless hogwash directors you are surrounded by.

    99% of the Two Samoa Talks people from ASG were clueless seat fillers who did not have a valid thought in their being. You are the 1% alternative.

    Fight. Fight. And fight some more. Don’t stop until you have made a difference.

    Ia manuia oe le atalii.


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