Ex-customs agent in PO bust is Teni Kalolo Luamanu

The former customs agent who was arrested and charged in connection with a drug bust at the Post Office last Friday morning, has been identified as Teni Kalolo Luamanu.

He was an almost 20 year veteran of the Customs Division of Treasury but recently resigned.

The package that Luamanu went to the Post Office to retrieve that morning was addressed to him.

It apparently had been sitting at the Post Office for about 3 weeks.

Sources say that because the package had been kept in a warm place for that long it was emitting a strong smell of cannabis.

A customs dog had alerted near the package and when it was opened, the marijuana was hidden in speakers inside.

The marijuana weighed about 2 pounds, according to our sources.

There is speculation that the package was to be cleared by another customs agent however that agent was on vacation.

Luamanu made his initial appearance in District Court yesterday and his pre trial conference is set for next week.