EPIC aims for Coordinated Community Response

Local non profit organization Empowering Pacific Island Communities dba EPIC, is hosting a symposium tomorrow focusing on services to help youth offenders re enter into the community  and services relating to domestic violence and sexual assault.

EPIC is partnering with Catholic Social Services and Back on Track, on the symposium which aims for a *Coordinated Community Response* for offending juveniles, victims and perpetrators.

Organizers say such an effort must include voices from the fields of adult and juvenile criminal justice, health care, victim services, alcohol and drug treatment and children’s service agencies.

The symposium will identify key elements needed to reduce prohibitive challenges when accessing education, health care, employment opportunities, as well as ensure the safety, well-being, and stability of all clients.

The presenters are from SoValti, a non profit social services agency headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

The symposium will be held from 8am to noon at the Fatuoaiga Pastoral Center.


  1. Moli Lemana

    Glad to be one of the participants at the symposium and I shared my views from someone outside looking in. There were two of us who are not service providers but as concerned citizens in the symposium. The idea of “Coordinated Community Response” is all we need in a small island like American Samoa as we have so many service providers funded by federal funds to come together and share resources and what have them to assist these individuals. What I have been saying over and over again is that, WE HAVE THE FUNDS, THE RESOURCES, etc.etc…THE PROBLEM IS, Agencies are competing and are possessive of their own programs because of fear of losing funding, and yet are serving the same community with the same purpose. In fact, so many federal funded agencies are competing for the same clientele. There is a GREAT need for concerted effort for all to come together. Some agencies are worried about their paycheck, forgetting the very FACT why they are funded, is the VICTIM. Serve with passion…..

    1. Rational

      Please note, Agencies also have different mandate, so you can’t say bring your funds in for a concerted effort, when your mandates are different.


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