Another part needed for MRI cat scan

A part for the LBJ Hospital’s MRI cat scan arrived Monday night and technicians worked over night to install and test the equipment.

According to the LBJ Chief Executive Officer Faumuina Taufetee John Faumuina, the cat scan was functioning well after installation but the equipment is again showing signs of over heating.

He said they cannot begin using the cat scan at this time and have to order another part.

The new part is expected to arrive Friday.

While Faumuina said at a cabinet meeting a week ago that the cat scan has been down for at least two weeks, he admitted today that the machine has been down for a few months.

Faumuina says the cat scan is less than five years old but since it’s the only one the hospital has, it may be overused, leading to the heating problem.

Some patients are reported to have flown to Samoa to get cat scans done at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole National Hospital at Motootua.

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  1. Death & Taxes

    I wonder if an additional cat scan machine (price dunno) would have been a better choice than a scanner or an American Samoa (ASG) bank BETTER CHOICE, rather all of the above OR a cat scan machine. Dependent on $$$ and where borrowed from (Retirement Funds BANK)(wink)! Priority, priority!
    I wonder if the scanner proven what it was mandated to do (any data) maybe too early to determine. Probably with the next admin. proven. Who knows. Further has the ASBank received FDIC / routing number any time soon! Any data proving what it was mandated to do? Again maybe too early to determine!
    In the meantime local community would have to fly to Apia for a cat scan. The overall good and benefits for local community is on a WAITING LIST.


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