Cast members share their real life stories

One of the cast members of Choices: A Woman in the Mirror, 27 year-old Jessica Powell was 16 when she was pregnant.

Powell was depressed, and suicidal.

None of her family members were able to give her the right advise and she was contemplating having an abortion and giving up her baby.

Fortunately a group of people took her in and offere her love and support which hel;ped her make ta sound deision for herself.

That group was A Victorious Beauty.

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Ms. Powell is now an advisor at her alma mater.

She’s also a Club Advisor for male students who are being mentored to treat the opporsite sex with respect.

Powell is grateful for her affiliation with the AVB where she has learnt to let go of the baggage of hurt, emotional abuse, anger and bitterness she harbored.

Her story will be told in Choices: A Woman in the Mirror which will premiere at the Lee Auditorium tomorrow night with a second performance on Saturday night at Kanana-fou Gym.