Samoa’s Telecom Regulator here to check interference

Samoa’s Telecommunications Regulator is meeting over the next two days with the territory’s mobile telephone providers to try and iron out interference on mobile signals on the eastern side of Samoa’s Upolu island.

Mrs Unutoa Auelua Fonoti told KHJ News that the interference has been causing problems since May.

As American Samoa is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission, the regulator wrote to the federal agency to try and get assistance in alleviating the mobile broadband problem.

Mrs Fonoti said they have not heard back from the FCC but they are keen to get to the bottom of this, even though Samoa doesnt have any control over telecommunications spectrum use in the territory.

The interference causes problems for Bluesky subscribers in Samoa and tests have indicated this is emanating from the eastern side of American Samoa’s main island of Tutuila.

The regulator says they have evidence of this interference and while they cannot “force” a solution, she is hoping on the Samoan tradition of “va fealoa’i” or mutual respect to reach an amicable solution for all concerned.

Fonoti said she meets today with Bluesky and will meet the American Samoa Telecommunications tomorrow.


  1. I know

    This interference is caused by astca radios not having any diversity terminated. It only has Main which is transmitting without diversity; you are asking for trouble.

  2. Fai Se Kala

    So quick to accuse ASTCA. Faamolemole ali’i, e le valea fo’i lenei fanau. Check your facts first before you make a fool out of yourself. Fesili muamua lava Bluesky ia latou pe o a faaletonu o iai. So quick to attack ASTCA, have you questioned Bluesky outages and slow internet? They finally came out with a public announcement of their outages, which KHJ neglect to report because they were too busy finding faults with ASTCA’s new administration. Where is the balance is that. Fake News! Lets see if they will post this!

    1. lualua

      @ Fai Se Kala, why are you speaking LIES after LIES after LIES!!!! You know ASTCA don’t have the capacity and the equipment to run your internet/landline service. You know you don’t have the qualify tech’s to monitor your outages. You know your CEO only know’s how to collect his money and his new fancy car from ASTCA that he couldn’t get from BLUESKY. At least BLUESKY has every qualified tech working for them. And now your ASTCA Board and the Executive Office is traveling tonight with Adolpho to get more money from ASG Retirement off island. OH!! YOU DIDN’T KNOW?? NOW YOU KNOW!!! ea li Pule, Fala ma Adolpho, seki a PER DIEM ale ASTCA a?

  3. Moli Lemana

    I sat in this meeting as a local representative of the Samoa Regulator office…Samoa came with all the evidence that I observed as well their monitoring devices…..we met with Blue Sky first and ASTCA on the second day. Both Blue Sky and ASTCA were very cooperative with Sal and CEO Puleleiite….For your information FAI SE KALA, Samoa Regulator already advise FCC since May of this interference and because Regulator Fonoti thought of the Samoan way…VA FEALOA’I to deal with local issues, we went it to discuss it the SAMOAN WAY….Management of BOTH…BSky and ASTCA were cooperative and they are doing some testing this weekend so we will be able to identify the problem…This has nothing to do with your so bias thinking…I think you work for ASTCA….Post your real name….


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