USDOT awards hazmat grant for Homeland Security

Congresswoman Aumua Amata is pleased to welcome a $67,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for hazardous materials safety.

Specifically, this $67,148 Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Grant from the DOT’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is designated for the American Samoa Department of Homeland Security.

The grant funds efforts to enhance the department’s ability to respond to hazardous materials transportation incidents.

This includes assisting in performing hazardous materials response duties and aiding in the development, implementation, and improvement of emergency plans and training for local communities.

The HMEP grant program allows flexibility for the differing needs of each location. The funds can be used to  develop or revise emergency plans and training activities to account for bulk transportation of energy products, studies regarding hazmat shipments, and training emergency responders to respond appropriately to hazmat and other incidents.

The congresswoman said, “American Samoans greatly appreciate our first responders, and all they do to be ready in time of need,”

“I welcome this funding for the preparation and safety of emergency personnel and the people they serve in any potential crisis.”

Congresswoman Aumua offered her congratulations to the program manager, Alexander V. Tali, along with Director Samana Semo Ve’ave’a and everyone else at the department who worked to obtain this grant.


  1. Mike Hunt

    The Congresswomen and her staff have absolutely nothing to do with these grants for the local office of Homeland Security except to take credit for work her office does not perform. Please Congresswomen before you go public with news of our office please have the courtesy to call us and ask us about these legacy grants that our office receives every year. These are not new funding streams, they’ve been there since 1994. FYI Alex Tali is no longer with the department, the grant was written, submitted, and performed by Mr. Vanu Aiumu and Ms. Ruth Faatiga for whom the credit rightly goes for this program. You would know this if someone from your office called and asked. Thank you.

    1. No'i

      The article says nothing about Aumua or her office are the source of the funding nor has she made such a statement remotely close. She is only merely reiterating her appreciation along with acknowledging key people in continuing the efforts in providing resources to adequately serve the people of the Territory. She is not obligated to inform any office, personal, and agency in granting her permission to express her appreciation. Whether Alex Tali is with your agency or not is irrelevant nor Aiumu and Faatiga in making these funds available as you stated and I quote “These are not new funding streams, they’ve been there since 1994”. I highly suggest you subscribe to her newsletter to get a better sense of what the Congresswoman and her staff do on daily base. I’m sure Aiumu and Faatiga are valuable assets to your agency, but let us not discredit those who have made great contribution in the past during their tenure.

      1. Give credit where it is due

        WRONG… Aumua offered her congratulations to Alex Tali , Program Director. You tell Aumua that it is irrelevant to give credit to someone who is no longer in the position. And yes it is very relevant and deserving to give the credit where it is due which is to Aiumu and Faatiga. If she and you- No’i who did not call to simply verify the information wanted to acknowledge great contributions of those from past tenure…..validate your acknowledgements with updated information. Why should I subscribe to the newsletter…..just do as the past Congressmen Fofo Sunia and Faleomavaega did and send the newsletter subscription to the people of American Samoa here in the territory and around the world. It would be even easier today in the age of technology. Tofa laia ma taofi lou highly suggestions ma better sense i mataupu e aoga mo le atunu’u.

        1. No'i

          lol! all I sense in response from my very highly suggestion and thank you very much because it is far highly than anyone can imagin…hehe is hating towards an Alex Tali. You missed the mark in regards to Alex Tali, Congresswoman, and Grant. Perhaps it was a misprint, perhaps the agency has not updated their staff listings, or even the agency refusing to acknowledge Aiumu and Faatiga themselves, who knows? My point is with the grant as suggested by “Mike H” has been there since 1994, of you want to give credit then credit those people back in 1994, which makes my point in the irrelevance of who proposed it whether it was Alex himself or his mom, his dad, his pet fish Nemo. Whatever this Alex Tali did to you and others in your agency, hope you can find a little hope, gather yourselves and move forward to a better and brighter future. Hows that in contrbuting to the mataupu e aoga mo le atunu’u…;) I like to giving Boeing Co. credit for building airplanes when we know the Wright Borthers in 1903, built the first successful powered airplane the KittyHawk, again a better sense i mataupu e aoga mo le atunu’u…your turn.

  2. Thank you American Samoa Disaster Management Office...

    Just let the political blurred agenda flow…I commented on these grants back in July when the EMPG and SHSGP was announced by the Congresswoman. No disrepect at all to anyone, yet when the public who commented on the announcement, posted congratulatory wishes toward the Congresswoman and her staff for diligently working on writing and getting these grants for the people of American Samoa. NO ONE from the Congresswoman’s Office made an informative comment to say it wasn’t them, or to lead an understanding of whom really wrote the grants of which rightful and deserved congratulatory is due. All it takes is a courtesy phone call to get the right information before sending a write up to be announced. DMOs takes the time to properly write these grants annually and most times, its the write up that decides the amount of the award. To aggressively suggest or counter with poor thinking (No’i), is destructive and shows the who in a person. All of this, written and said, does not at all take away the facts that your Territory DMO wrote (who ever wrote it) these grants and not who you stand defending. May you all have a great weekend…

    1. HOORAH!

      Dang Noi look what you started! Maybe Noi should settle the dispute between N.Korea and the US. Noi got people all messed up, and all because the Congresswoman didn’t mention A and B instead C.

  3. Mike Hunt

    Next time please just call the office if you are gonna go to print about the Department is all. You can announce all the grants you want until the cows come home, just give some courtesy to the Department before you do so. E leai se mea la’a masae ai se panty a seisi i lea mea.


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