Forest firefighters from Am Samoa turn heads

As wildfires are causing death and destruction across California, a team of fire fighters from American Samoa are attracting attention because of the way they are coping with their life threatening task.

A colleague shot a video of the crew from the National Park of American Samoa coming down from the forest after a hard days work.

The videographer said in his post on You Tube, “Take a break from the depressing national news and watch the best thing you will see today.”

It shows a fire crew from Samoa apparently walking out of the forest, perhaps at the end of the day.

And they are singing, acapella, a hymn — with some of the firefighters singing harmony.

It was filmed at the Helena-Fork Fire on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in northwest California.

The video was posted September 27, 2017 by Lori Light.

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La Poasa-Vitolio


  1. No'i

    These fellas are vocally trained, awesome singing like watching something from a Disney movie…LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

    1. Fascinating!

      The human spirit even in crisis it manages to find beauty deep within! This is the BEST thing I’ve heard all year…Thank You Lori and Thank You Talanei for bringing this home. Keep safe guys, WE all love you and appreciate the sacrifice you continue to make and that you keep it in Praise…Fascinating!!!

  2. Proud Samoan!

    Hoorah! Saw this on YouTube…brought tears to my eyes…May God embrace you and keep you safe in his loving arms, always.

  3. tapua'igaoleatunuu

    Malo lava tamafanau o Samoa. Faafetai galulue. E molimau le taeao ma le afiafi i lo outou afuliligi.
    Puipuimalo lo outou soifua e le Atua.


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