Will StarKist Samoa take over STP plant?

There’s been talk in the local tuna industry that StarKist may be looking at taking over the Samoa Tuna Processors plant at Atuu.

However both StarKist and Tri Marine Internationals, which owns STP would only say that they are reviewing options.

General Manager of StarKist Samoa, Mr. Sangdong Kwon, said that they are talking and reviewing options but nothing is certain.

Tri Marine said STP is currently operational as a logistics hub available to unload, grade and store frozen tuna.

A statement from the company in response to our questions about whether StarKist is taking over the STP plant said, “Tri Marine is actively seeking opportunities to more fully utilize the state-of-the-art facility to reduce financial losses and increase employment.

“Commercial confidentiality agreements restrict disclosure of any additional information at this time.”

Meanwhile StarKist hasn’t moved on the alternative site that ASG has offered to build new cold storage adjacent to ASPA’s new power plant at Satala.

While the cannery preferred part of the shipyard at Satala for new freezers, and negotiations were going on for months on a lease rate, ASG decided to offer StarKist the property across from the shipyard.

The cannery has never commented publicly on its position regarding the alternative site but according to the chairman of the Shipyard Services Authority, Keniseli Lafaele, the cannery has not moved on the lease.

That inaction has added to talk about StaKist moving to the STP plant.

In other news from the cannery, some of the fish cleaning and processing tables at StarKist Samoa are closed this week because fish is still in short supply.