Hearing on claim against L&L Committee continued

There was no one from the Lolo and Lemanu Re-election Campaign Committee in Small Claims Court yesterday when Southseas Broadcasting Inc’s claim for an unpaid advertising bill from last year’s gubernatorial election was scheduled.

Southseas Broadcasting Inc., General Manager Mr. Joey Cummings was in court ready for the 1pm hearing however District Court Judge Fiti Sunia announced that all cases were being continued to 1pm Thursday so that the Family Drug and Alcohol Court could convene for criminal cases,

The small claim filed by Southseas against the Lolo and Lemanu Committee  was for unpaid advertising bills on 93 KHJ and V103, amounting to $5,703.

It was filed last month after many unsuccessful attempts to get payment from key officials of he camp.

Cummings said everyone whom he discussed the overdue bills with were extremely polite and understanding however he did not get much cooperation from the camp member who handled the political advertising for Lolo and Lemanu, Robert Tuala.

The company also filed a claim against congressional candidate Meleagi Chapman for an unpaid advertising bill of $621.

Mrs Chapman was in court yesterday.