Plan focuses on preventing drug use among children

Governor Lolo Moliga is reported to have endorsed a plan by a subcommittee that’s been looking at ways to stop the proliferation of drugs in to the territory.

The group, which comprises directors and deputy directors and staff of several government agencies met with Governor Lolo Moliga Friday.

Manu’a District Governor Laolagi Vaeao said the governor had asked the subcommittee to incorporate drug prevention plans into their plan of action.

At the meeting on Friday, Lolo asked that the group identify how the success of their plan can be measured.

He felt that this was missing from the group’s strategy.

Laolagi said their subcommittee made a suggestion that was agreeable to the governor.

If a survey of substance abuse shows X number of students have experimented with or are using alcohol or drugs, and the same survey is conducted again next year and the numbers go down.

Then that’s evidence their initiatives on preventing drug use are working.

Laolagi said a key driving force in the subcommittee’s work is to prevent drug use among our children and their course of action includes identifying how drugs are entering the territory,  the sellers and the methods of distribution.

In addition, the plan calls for rehabilitation programs to wean addicts off  their chemical dependency.


  1. Really?!?!

    The governor keeps appointing his gubernatorial appointees to these boards. That’s the first of many mistakes. If they haven’t done much to promote the government for the better, what makes you think they can do anything here? Get the right people on the boards and you may finally get results. REAL RESULTS and money well spent, not like the Manu’a ship fiasco nor the scanner (2) dilemma.

    1. No'i

      you gotta love all this carbon emission being released into the atmosphere and that’s all they do…blah, blah and more blah. Their statements in the article are pure speculation, and what survey, who conducted these imaginary surveys, and how were they conducted? I agree with you in selecting board members, we need to see more private citizens and people from the business private sector on these boards. You can’t be a government official on a board and not be BIAS! These people think they’re so beyond their times is so ridiculous! This government will never smell success because they are all limited and simple minded. They come and they go leaving nothing but slime track behind them like snails and then their forgotten…magaia ga.


      @REALLY sure better then not doing anything, THANK YOU GOV. MOLIGA for taking this initiative to address the infestation of drugs on our schools and villages. American Samoa lets work towards a solution and not dragging others down. Manuia le taumafaiga

        1. Solution

          @No’i, your name fits you, you seems to comment on everything without offering solutions, maybe you should go to BINGO instead of hitting the keyboard.

      1. Really?!?!

        @Proud Local….speak only what you know of and you might want to listen to your own advice about bringing people down. I’ve done my part just to see it fall on deaf government ears. I’ll still continue to do my part regardless. I hope you’re doing yours.

  2. Brian Loma

    It’s a joke, the work being done. There are ZERO people from the actual battlefields of Meth addiction on this panel. How do the people doing the work feel about this? The governor called for public input but refused to bring the public into the meetings. I am a person who went Borg to the Governor and Samoan Affairs to ask multiple times to be available for input. As a recovering Crack cocaine addict, I might have some real world experience on the topic. The chief justice is asking where the sobriety programs are, while the Fono president is trying to make all offenses 5 year minimums.
    For such a small population, one would think working together would be easy. Instead everybody seems to talk, bit no real work is getting done.

    1. Seufuafua

      Start your own little group, why you wait for the Government, if you care for American Samoa you can stand up and make a difference, waste your time venting out here, when you could hit the pavement, other s will join…ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.


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