House to Decide if Vaifanua Faipule Should Be Disciplined

The House will decide this week if Vaifanua Representative, Lavea Legae’e Mauga is to be be disciplined for what Vice Speaker, Fetu Fetui Jr. described as habitual rude behavior from the lawmaker.

During the House session on Friday, Fetu who chairs the House Rules Committee, said Rep. Lavea’s behavior at a House hearing that day was disrespectful.

A hearing of the Port Administration Committee was half way done when the Vaifanua faipule arrived and asked Committee Chairman Su’a A Jennings for an opportunity to ask questions.

Lavea told the Chairman that if his questions have already been asked to stop him.

As Lavea was asking a question, Rep. Vailoata Amituana’i spoke started to say that his question had already been asked.

Lavea shot back saying Amituana’i should let the Chairman respond to him.

Vice Speaker Fetu was also upset that Lavea interrupted him while he was talking to Port Director, Dr. Claire Poumele about the government’s obligationto the Manu’a people.

With a raised voice, Fetu was telling the Port Director of many issues her department must improve for better service to the people of Manu’a.

Rep. Lavea interjected while the Fetu was speaking and told him to be patient.

Lavea left after the hearing and was absent when the vice speaker suggested that he be disciplined.

There was no reaction from any of the House members to Fetu’s suggestion that Lavea be disciplined.

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