Committee delves into low achievements in public schools

Poor achievement levels of students in public schools was discussed at a hearing yesterday of the House’s Education Committee.

Committee Chairman Representative Tu’umolimoli Moliga, a former teacher, suggested that the reason why students in public schools are not achieving the educational standards, is because teachers have low morale

Tuumolimoli said it doesn’t matter what degrees the teachers hold, if they are not getting the encouragement and motivation they deserve, their commitment to providing quality education for the children of American Samoa won’t meet the department’s standard and expectation.

Manu’a Faipule,Vesi Talalelei Fautanu Jr., brought to the director’s attention the results of the DOE’s recent Math-in-Art and Science Fair Competitions in which the majority of students placed in the top 3 were students of private schools.

Dr. Matagi Tofiga said from her review of statistics, government schools are way below the standards specifically in the contents area.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, the director says she;s just met with the Executive Director of the World Teach Program and asked for assistance in providing teachers who specialize in the main content areas and core subjects as in Maths, English and Science.

She also pointed out that private schools have after school tutoring program carried out by very committed and dedicated teachers.

The DOE director informed the House Education Committee that DOE has now started its own after school tutoring program specifically for literacy.


  1. T. Smith

    Thank you Director Ruth, yes content teacher need to be addressed, for years DOE have been graduating B.Ed fr omUH for Elementary, no content, we need good content area teachers. Committed and dedicated teaching force is also the way forward, good luck.

  2. cholo hamo

    but that’s all that’s going to happen – is just talking about it!!
    ASG n ASDOE NEEDS to do something about the teachers!! Evaluate teachers twice a year, after a 2 or 3 year period their performance is not shaping up – FIRE THEM! It’s easy as that! There are so many “USELESS” teachers in the teaching department of DOE right now! It is very sad! so very very sad! That’s why kids get to college they can’t even make it after a year or a semester! … we need to do something about our education and it should start with the teachers!!!

    1. UsoLife

      Its so easy to say fire teachers, true there are teachers that needs to be let go, but that’s not the solution. We need to improve the HIRING of qualified and high quality teachers, not just any graduate to fill the spots.

    2. Let's find a more practical solution.

      DOE does not have enough incentive to bring in high talent to the public schools, let alone keeping high talent, so what makes you think that firing teachers this way will help? For many years now, DOE has teacher shortage problems, “FIRE THEM” is not going to help.


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