Delegates Want More Transparency in CCCAS

Members of the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa feel they have a right to know the many resolutions that were discussed by the church’s Committee of Reverend Elders at the last general conference.  KHJ News reporter Tauva Esera who was a delegate at this year’s general conference says several members feel they were kept in the dark of topics discussed and decisions reached at the 2014 general conference which was held in Carson, California. They said all they heard from their pastors and official delegates was “it all went well.” Some of the resolutions passed at the last CCCAS conference surfaced in the report of the church’s Committee of Reverend Elders which was circulated for endorsement at last week’s assembly. Some of the resolutions called for reinstatement of church ministers who were on probation for violation of the CCCAS constitution. For example Rev. Ali’ioaiga Filoiali’i and Tautalaaso Asiata. The report of the Committee of Elder Reverends also states that a former CCCAS General Secretary, Rev. Samuelu T. Tialave, had been relieved of his pastor duties while under investigation of allegations regarding relationships with young women. On other issues, the Committee has rejected a motion to accept students from other religious denominations wishing to study at Kanana Fou Theological Seminary. This year only two candidates from American Samoa took the entry exam for Kanana-fou. One passed and is entering as a first year student along with 5 others from Hawai’i and the mainland in the new school year. The Committee says the proposal to accept students of other faiths needs further study. It did take note the continuing drop in theological students. One other matter that came up in the Committee of Elder Reverends  report is a conflict in scheduling of funeral services at the LBJ chapel. Sometimes hospital meetings are held in the chapel holding up funeral prayer services. The Committee said this issue should be discussed between the church and the LBJ CEO and hospital board and feels that the situation derives from a lack of communication. Elder Deason for the Alataua/Fofo Parish and House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale has offered his assistance to settle this issue. Savali, a widower, has been advised to find a wife within a year if he want to continue his elder deacon role.

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