Youth Summit July 5-8

The program for the 2016 Youth Summit hosted by the Department of Youth and Women Affairs will continue on the 2016 Flag Day theme, “Our People, Our Culture, Our Future.”

The Youth Summit is slated for July 5-8 at the DYWA Youth Center in Pago Pago.

Youth Program Coordinator at DYWA Paulia Pa’o Pelenato says the Summit is open to all the youth of American Samoa and registration is free.

DYWA has received lists of participants from youth groups planning to attend.

Pa’o Pelenato says they would like to see a diverse attendance for the three day Summit.

Topics which the young people will be discussing include the political status of American Samoa, the election process, economic development, the matai system, faalavelave and  what the future holds for American Samoa.

Debate topics include, “should senators be elected, should Samoan be the official language of communication, should police officers carry guns.”

The Summit program features several guest speakers who will discuss employment opportunities in the government and private sector, health and fitness, telecommunications and education


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