Why are drug cases not being prosecuted?

Questions have been raised in law enforcement circles as to why the Attorney General’s Office has not been prosecuting cases where drugs have been intercepted at the airport, Post Office or on the dock.

According to sources in police and customs the aggressive approach that once existed in the investigation and prosecution of drug cases is no more.

They point out that there have been several cases where drugs were found by customs, police conducted investigations however there have not been any prosecutions.

The law enforcement officials who brought the issue up said in some incidents the persons who claimed packages at the airport or the Post Office in which drugs were found were not even taken into custody on instructions from the Attorney General’s Office,

Some agents tell KHJ News that their work is laid to waste because of the apparent lenient approach which the AG’s Office seems to be taking

They are concerned however about the message this is sending out to the community and especially those who are in the drug trade.

The officers, some with many years of law enforcement under their belt, drew KHJ News attention to the way it was under former Deputy AG OBrien when drug cases were prosecuted and the offenders were convicted.

KHJ News reported yesterday about two incidents where drugs were intercepted at the airport and post office in the last two consecutive week,

At the airport, information from our source at customs and DPS says a man handed a package to one of the Polynesian Airline pilots to take to Manu’a.

The pilot apparently become suspicious and turned over the package to authorities.

A customs dog alerted when it sniffed the package .

marijuana was found inside the package which was apparently addressed to a government employee in Manu’a.

At the Post Office last week ice was found  in a package and the person who came to claim it has been identified.

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