Jean P Haydon Museum needs attention

Those who attended the Pacific Arts Festival in Guam saw how that US territory priorities its arts, culture and humanities.

For example their museum is a beautiful building that is well stocked with artifacts and resources for researchers.

The museum also has a qualified curator.

Our Jean P Haydon Museum pales by comparison.

The Museum building which underwent a renovation several years ago, was closed last year due to rat infestation, and the storage area where important artifacts are kept is said to be leaking.

Two years ago, Director Uta Dr. Laloulu Taogilelagi raised the idea of moving the museum across the road to the ground floor of the Lumanai Building but that has not happened.

In its second quarter performance report, the American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture and Humanities which operates the Museum reports that it’s still exploring for a new location to build a suitable museum that will adequately and securely preserve, store and display the territory’s national treasures.

At the same time it’s trying to see how the current space could be reconfigured to improve and enrich the experience of visitors.

The museum’s total funding for the current fiscal year is $72,375 for a staff of eight.

For the second quarter, the museum spent $72,545  of which $17,466 went to salaries.

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