Large Crowds at Commercial Banks

The court wasn’t the only place with a big crowd and long lines.

Both Bank of Hawaii and ANZ were also packed, as customers swarmed in to take care of their banking after the long New Year’s Day weekend.

KHJ News was at ANZ bank and saw customers sitting on the floor, standing, and even sitting outside waiting for their numbers to be called.

ANZ crowdSome picked numbers then left to do other chores before returning, and they still had to wait for their turn.

At around 10:15, customers had reached 168 but the numbers being called were only in the 70’s.

There were four tellers tending to individual customers.

ANZ ATM closedBefore 10:00 am the two ANZ ATM machines at the Fagatogo Branch were both down.

The machines only started dispensing cash around 10:15am.

Things were also moving at a snail’s pace at Bank of Hawaii.

Around 10 am, one of only two tellers which were opened closed their window even though the lines had spilled out the door.

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