Great Support in Honolulu for Our Football Team

There’s great support in Hawaii for the high school football team from American Samoa .

Director of Education Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau says that the team was met at the airport Saturday morning by the Director of the Hawaii ASG Office Faalepo Faalepo and staff.

Buses were arranged by Mr. Robert Faleafine, Director of the Hawai JPS to take the team to their hotel, Princess Kaiulani Hotel in Waikiki.

Upon arrival at the hotel, student athletes and coaches headed straight to breakfast which was prearranged as the entire group waited for hotel early check-in at 12pm.

The malaga includes 43 senior students, 11 coaches, 4 administrators and 120 cases of wahoo and luggage for each traveler.

Each coach has been assigned 3-5 students by team positions that they will share hotel rooms with.

Vaitinasa says this will help coaches and athletes ‘dorm and live as Team Amerika Samoa.’

Yesterday Sunday, the malaga attended church at the Moanala Lua Ward Kalili Chapel of the Church of jesus Christ of Latter day Saints,.

DOE Deputy Director Faaui Vaitautolu, Leone High School Principal Dorian Salavea, Head Coach for the team Pati Pati, and Maselino Tautu represented the malaga with speeches of appreciation for the opportunity to attend Moanalua Ward.

The group went on an island tour and shopped at Walmart then had an L&L lunch at the hotel.

Vaitinasa said the students had time to call home and many of their Hawaii relatives came to the hotel to visit them.
She said there’s been great support for the team in Hawaii.

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