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Man released from confinement without posting bail

A Territorial Correctional Faclity police officer, an immigration officer, and an assistant attorney general were sworn in before the court this morning as they each explained to Judge Sunia how Luaufui aka Fui Fa’aletonu was released from custody even though he did not post bail.

Next Goal Wins opens new frontiers fo Jaiyah

Starring in the film The Next Goal Wins has broadened Jaiyah Saelua’s world in wasy that she would never dream off. 

Administration says it will respond to Faoa's claims

​A response is forthcoming from the Governor’s Office regarding statements by the former counsel of the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund Faoa Aitofele Sunia.

Parks & Rec keeping children fit with sports

Parks and Recreation has a full schedule of sports to keep the children healthy and fit during their long summer break.   

Matson Shipping to launch direct service to Pago Pago

Matson Shipping, will soon be providing a direct shipping link between the Hawaii and the two Samoa. 

The customs scanners are on their way

Treasury is going ahead with the purchase of rapid scanners for the Customs Division.  

Guam to decide on poitical status

A pro-independence leader on Guam says he's happy the island may finally be deciding the future of its political status, but that alone will not be enough. 

USDOE has doubts about ASG's control mechanism

ASG’s continual budget overruns and delays in getting federally paid materials and supplies to schools and students are among concerns raised by the US Department of Education in response to ASG’s report of progress towards resolving issues that led to the federal government putting ASDOE under high risk.
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