Sen insists Homeland Security should pay for scanners

If there are any changes made to the use of proceeds from the bond sale, the bond holders will have to be notified and asked for approval. 

Governor says protestors exercising their freedoms

The governor spoke about the demonstration by the United Citizens of American Samoa at today’s cabinet meeting.  

FIsheries Task Force fact finding on cannery incentives

The American Samoa Fisheries Task Force is collecting information from ASG departments and agencies that will help them make a recommendation to the governor concerning requests from the two canneries for incentives. 

Lolo dispels talk he & Lemanu running separately

Governor Lolo Moliga has answered a question that many have been asking 


United Citizens of Am Samoa gaining support

There was a slightly bigger crowd at the second demonstration by United Citizens of American Samoa this morning.
Toleafoa Jeffrey Hunter

Talofa Airways ready to spread its wings

Talofa Airways Company is a family owned airline in Samoa that has its sights set on starting air service between Apia and Pago Pago. 

Pres doesn't believe there's not enough desks & chairs

Senate President Gaoteote Palaie has cast doubt on statements that there are not enough desks and chairs in public classrooms. 

House Ways & Means concerned about PX abuse

Representatives are looking at creating a law to send a stern message to local businesses who are abusing and violating federal regulations at the post exchange or PX in Tafuna. 
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