DOH closes east side restaurants

The Department of Health closed down yesterday one of the four fast food restaurants in Satala that cater to the cannery workforce due to an unclean kitchen. 

Port advised to separate operational costs

One of the recommendaitons made at yesterday’s public hearing regarding an increase in port fees was for the Department of Port Administration to provide a report differentiating the actual operational costs of seaport and airport. 

Rape case heads to High Court

The government's case against a teacher and two students of Don Bosco who are accused of having sex with a 15-year-old minor is now bound over to High Court.  

ANZ ATMs down on Sunday night

ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank informs customers that there will be a disruption of services with ANZ ATMs and point of sale terminals this Sunday.  

Businesses react to Port's 51% hike

Representatives of the canneries, shipping and stevedoring companies have recommended that Port Administration consider the minimum wage and a gradual raise in rates when it makes a final decision on proposed Port fee increases.

Sen Galea'i looks for gov candidate

A declared supporter but vocal critic of Governor Lolo Moliga, Senator Galeai Tu'ufuli said at a press conference yesterday that he is now looking for a candidate to run for governor in the 2016 elections. 

Committee planned to split prize money

The governor says he told the Fautasi Race Committee that they should have decided the race results as they were the ones that made the race rules, not him. 

Higher port fees under review

The Port Administration hopes to raise $2 million if its proposal to raise Port fees is implemented later this year. 
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