Governor looks into immigration flaws

The governor is concerned  with weaknesses in immigration enforcement that have allowed convicted felons who were banned as part of their sentences to re enter the territory.  

Tax errors hurting ASG

Tax Office Manager Richard Jimmerson says poor booking keeping and tax filers not stating their revenues and expenses correctly are hurting ASG’s tax collection. 

Datamatics & Aviana partnership would create jobs

The Department of Commerce is encouraging those interested in technology type jobs to check a Job Fair happening tomorrow at the Tradewinds Hotel.  

It's Senior Citizens Day

More than 1,000 senior citizens will be at the Suigaula o le Atuvasa tomorrow to celebrate Senior Citizens Day. 

Workshop helps identify most needed research

A workshop which began yesterday is looking at research needs for fisheries and eco systems in American Samoa. 

Vessel owner is responsible for all costs

ASG officials don’t want a repeat of what happened to vessels which were grounded during Cyclone Val to occur with the longliner that‘s on its side on the reef near the airport.

Vehicle burglar gets 28 month jail term

A man who broke into a vehicle and took off with a laptop and cell phones was sentenced today to 28 months in jail. 

No reduction in work hours

ASG is still in dire financial straits but apparently not dire enough to warrant a reduction in hours.  
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