Photo: Chris Bullinger

Honoring the children on White Sunday

Singing, scripture verses and bringing to life some of the ancient characters of the Bible will be the highlight of the special Sunday honoring children in Samoa.

House Committee approves territorial waters protection

A bill that includes an amendment by Congresswoman Aumua Amata for protection of territorial waters from federal regulations has been approved by the House Natural Resources Committee.  

Governor anxious to move on setting up charter bank

Governor Lolo Moliga says he’s hoping that the remaining bond series of the American Samoa Economic Development Authority will be sold soon so that the government can move on setting up the Territorial Bank of American Samoa.  

ASCC library helps sociolinguistic research

A PhD student from Germany Mrs Anja Auer has been interviewing students of the American Samoa Community College as part of a sociolinguistic project focusing on the interplay between the indigenous culture and use of the English language in American Samoa.

Epidemiologist says benchmarks for data weren't met

Members of the House Health Committee have urged Director of Health Motusa Tuileama Nua to move quickly to correct problems with federal grants so that employees who were recently released can return to worK.

President signs bill to increase minimum wage in AS

President Barak Obama yesterday signed H.R.2617, the bill increasing the minimum wage in American Samoa by 40 cents per hour. 

"Do the Right Thing" takes petition to Hawaii

The citizens group, "Do the Right Thing" will present its petition to the Navy Federal Credit Union management in Hawaii requesting that it open a local branch.  

Onesosopo Park awaits $200,000 upgrade

It wont be quite like the Veterans Memorial Stadium but when the upgrade to Onesosopo Park is completed, Parks and Recreation Director Tamaaiga Pili Gaoteote says the east side park will have most of the amenities of the stadium in Tafuna  
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