93KHJ Noon News April 24

93KHJ Noon News April 24


DOH confiscates expired goods

The Department of Health confiscated from California Mart in Leone yesterday two truckloads of expired goods, mainly food items. 


Whitehorn Construction will bid for other jobs

With the Administrative Law Judge finding in favor of Whitehorn Construction Inc., over its contract dispute with ASG, company president Loran Whitehorn said in a statement that Whitehorn looks forward to actively bidding in more projects in American Samoa and providing jobs for the local economy.


American Samoa has many nationalities

The nationalities of those who registered for the amnesty program shows that the territory has become a melting pot of various ethnicities.  


93KHJ Morning News April 24

93KHJ Morning News April 24

Council considers relief for longliners

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council is seeking input on the Large Vessel Prohibited Area in waters surrounding American Samoa, which local longliners are hoping would be modified in order to bring relief to their declining catches.


Deputy Commissioner retires after 29 yrs

Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety Leseiau Laumoli has mixed feelings as his final day at DPS approaches.  


Two day wkshop on aquaponics farming

Aquaponics, the symbiotic cultivation of fish and vegetables, is gaining popularity across the world as a sustainable way to conserve resources while improving food security and human health.

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