American Samoa Democrats at DNC

The American Samoa Democratic Party (ASDP) delegation has arrived  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. There are five unpledged or “Super Delegates” but ...Read more

Vice Chairman for the CCCAS Rev. Elder Fa'itete Saifoloi
(left) with new Chairman Rev. Elder Mamoe Eveni Jr. (middle) and wife after
Saturday's election.
New leaders at the helm of CCCAS

The 31st bi-annual general conference for the Congregational Christian Church in American Samoa officially ended yesterday with a church service that also saw the ordination of a group of about 30 ...Read more

Coast Guard recruiters
Coast Guard Recruiters are here

The US Coast Guard has sent a recruiting team to the territory , the first one in many years, This is the branch of the US Armed Forces that deals with marine law enforcement, fisheries ...Read more