Tonga inaugurates regular boat trips to American Samoa

A Tonga Government owned vessel will begin making regular trips to American Samoa bringing cargo to and from the island kingdom.

Miss Am Samoa gets into regional issues

Miss American Samoa Anneliese Faaitumalo Sword is thankful with the preparations she’s had to make for the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant because its given her a wealth of knowledge about other Pacific islands. 

Ex-LBJ employee offered plea deal

The government has offered a plea deal to former LBJ Hospital employee Felise Toilolo. 

Bill trades citizenship for foreign investment

A bill which would grant Samoan citizenship to foreigners who make substantial investment in Samoa was introduced in the Samoa Parliament yesterday. 

Passenger may face additional charges

The government may file additional charges against a man accused of creating a public disturbance on Hawaiian Airlines flight Friday night. 

ASG awarded $750,000 to test healthcare payment models

American Samoa has been awarded $750,000 from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to design and test health care payment service delivery models that will improve health care quality and lower costs.


Governor to decide on Dec 26 holiday

Governor Lolo is expected to make a decision this week whether to declare the day after Christmas a holiday.

Poe Mageo is now a published author

Poe Mageo, music instructor at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC), can now add “published author” to his already impressive list of credentials.
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