Lemanu: 'no money' not an answer

Directors were told today to find the means to carry out projects and tasks they’re given.

Case unfoils drug smuggling operation

Chief Justice Michael Kruse said yesterday that he hopes the government looks into interesting information revealed in the criminal case of a Lady Naomi sailor who brought in hundreds of rolled marijuana cigarettes into the territory last year.


Senate Pres delivers Flag Day Address

The Fono and business community will share the podium with the executive branch for the Flag Day speeches at the Veterans Memorial Stadium on Thursday. 

Smoke from underneath the dock

When stevedores and workers on the main dock saw smoke coming from the ground yesterday morning, they wondered if there was geo thermal activity in the harbor. 


FAA considers hefty fine for Hawaiian Air

The Federal Aviation Administration says Hawaiian Airlines went eight years without properly inspecting certain components of one of its planes used for commercial flights.


ASTCA responds to overtime payments

More than $30,000 will be paid out to employees of the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority for wage related issues. 


Governor urges full cabinet participation

An upbeat Governor Lolo Moliga has thanked Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga and directors for their efforts to organize and participate in the 2014 Flag Day events. 


Ripley blames DBAS for incomplete housing

One of the 1602 project owners being sued by the Development Bank of American Samoa says DBAS mismanaged the 1602 federal program and did not have in place policies to properly review and allocate funds for the projects. 

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