Taulapapa Dr. Aloiamoa Anesi & wife Marilyn leaving LBJ Hospital

A medical couple who has been on the staff of the LBJ Hospital for nearly three decades are leaving..the husband is being forced out in that his contract is not being renewed and the wife who heads a federally funded program and is US certified has resigned.

Big ASG group joining governor in DC

Fifteen directors, assistants to the governor and security officers are part of the American Samoa delegation who are heading to Washington to join Governor Lolo Moliga for meetings in the capital. 

ASG pays $1.3 million for out of court settlements

Checks totaling $1.3 million were presented Friday to seven plaintiffs with lawsuits against the American Samoa Government which were settled out of court. 

PNA says squabble over tuna treaty a distraction

The head of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement says the squabble with the United States over fishing access is a distraction for the region's fisheries officials. 

Samoa reaffirms tourist safety from zika virus

The Samoa caretaker government is reaffirming the safety of tourists visiting the country from zika virus. 

Cabinet gets lesson on election law

Attorney General Talauega  Eleasalo Ale gave an Election 101 class for members of the cabinet at last Thursday’s meeting of the governor, lt. governor and directors.  

School sports resume Tuesday

The cancellation of school sports was Friday’s news.  Today’s news is that beginning tomorrow, all school sports events will resume, and there will be buses to transport students.   

Governor leaves for off island meetings

Governor Lolo Moliga departs the territory tonight for meetings in Hawaii and Washington D.C. 
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