Board of Inquiry reviews case of Lt. who released inmates

A Board of Inquiry at the Department of Public Safety is reviewing the case of a police lieutenant who released three inmates and ordered a guard to take them to Alofau last month.

BlueSky extends reach in Polynesia

The acquisition by Blue Sky Communications of the main phone company in the Cook Islands, Telecom Cook Islands will see local personnel working in the Cook Islands and vice versa. 

Amata thanks Interior Secretary Jewell

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has thanked Interior Secretary Sally Jewell for her assistance during the shipping slowdown which affected the territory. 

Sailele backs into sunken vessel

The tugboat Sailele had to go up on drydock at the Satala shipyard this week to fix a propeller which was damaged when it backed into a vessel that’s half submerged at the service wharf since last year. 

Viena avoids jail time for ppd

Duke Viena has been ordered to attend alcohol counseling as part of his sentence for causing a public disturbance at his home in late December.

Chairman explains benefits of Honolulu meeting

The Chairman of the Board of the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund explains the benefit of having lawmakers attend briefings by investment managers and financial advisors for the Fund.

DOC puts unemployment at 10.2%

The Department of Commerce puts the unemployment rate for American Samoa at 10.2%.


Bill to establish ASG bank remains unsigned

Last Thursday the bill to establish the Territorial Bank of American Samoa was submitted to the Governor's Office.  
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